Operation W.I.L.D. -- "Working In the Living Domain"

Operation W.I.L.D. -- "Working In the Living Domain" houses SUNY Poly CMOST's impressive living collection of exotic animal species in an interactive and sensory stimulating environment that represents their appropriate habitats from the desert to the tropics. Through visits to Operation W.I.L.D. kids and families learn not only about the animals but also their lifestyles, eating habits, means of survival and common threats.

Visitor interactions with Operation W.I.L.D also serve to inspire children to explore animal related careers, and prepare and educate them for these types of careers through hands-on practical training. An expanded mentoring program SUNY Poly CMOSTeen has been created affording interested teenagers the opportunity to become involved with the care and feeding of the animal collection, as well as training and mentoring them in the use of the collection for educating other children through SUNY Poly CMOST's daily animal shows and school group presentations.

Operation W.I.L.D. is made possible by the support of the Troy Savings Bank Charitable Foundation.