Senior Explorer Camps


9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

6/23 - 6/27
Lights, Camera, LEGOs!
$200 M / $225 NM
6/30 - 7/3p
LEGO Robotics
$160 M / $180 NM
7/7 - 7/11
Scratch Labs – Creating a Video Game FULL
$200 M / $225 NM
7/7 - 7/11 GIST – Baking Up Some Science 201
$200 M / $225 NM
7/14 - 7/18
Make It & Take It 201
$200 M / $225 NM
206 7/21 - 7/25 Dig Camp FULL
$200 M / $225 NM
7/28- 8/1
Lights, Camera, LEGOs! FULL
$200 M / $225 NM
8/4 - 8/8
LEGO Robotics FULL
$200 M / $225 NM
8/4 - 8/8 GIST - Solar Science
$200 M / $225 NM
210 8/11 - 8/15 Scratch Labs – Creating a Video Game FULL
$200 M / $225 NM
211 8/18 - 8/22 Eco Explorers $200 M / $225 NM
212 8/25 - 8/29 Make It & Take It 201 FULL $200 M / $225 NM
M = Members; NM = Non-Members
CNSE CMOST will not be running camp on July 4, 2014, all camp pricing is pro-rated for the week.

Dig Camp
Presented by Hartgen Archeological Associates in cooperation with CNSE CMOST, this camp will allow children to dig into local history by uncovering buried artifacts from the Rensselaer Technology Park’s historic site.  Campers will be introduced to the history of the dig site and the tools of the archeological trade, them we will delve into excavation and artifact identification.  The program concludes with the creation of an exhibit that showcases what the students have learned about the site.

Eco Explorers
Campers will learn about the natural history of the area, explore the Hudson River estuary and trek the trails of the Rensselaer Technology Park.  Through the course of the week campers will develop a field guide to their own backyard to use at home.

GIST – Baking Up Some Science 201
Did you know that you are experimenting with science when baking cookies and cakes?  Join CNSE CMOST staff as we explore the chemistry behind baking!  We will create concoctions, edible gifts and more as we work together in this female-only camp!

GIST - Solar Science
Join CNSE CMOST in an exploration of solar energy! Campers will learn about solar energy and how it works and then put their new knowledge to use by building a solar cooker, experimenting with solar beads and more!  This camp is a female-only exploration.

LEGO Robotics
Join CNSE CMOST in this robotics camp where campers will get hands on experience with LEGOs and robots for a fun and exciting lesson.  We will use our building and programming skills to create an amusement park and an intelligent house of the future with LEGO kits.

Lights, Camera, LEGOs!
Make a movie from start to finish with the Digital Blue™ Movie Maker program. Campers will create a story board, build a set, develop scene transitions, and edit a film to perfection.  On the last day, CNSE CMOST will host a movie premiere for the campers and their families.

Make It & Take It 201
Join the staff at CNSE CMOST as we explore the Maker Movement. We’ll experiment with creating our own toys, building a marble run, playing with MaKey MaKey and more!  Children will immerse themselves in the world of invention as we encourage them to discover their own creative maker inside!

Scratch Labs – Creating a Video Game
Do you ever wonder how video games are designed?  In this camp, we will explore the technology behind the creation of video games.  Campers will work together to develop their own games using Scratch, a programming language for kids.  Join us and dive into the science of gaming!